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Operation of the Centrifuges

The centrifuge separates solids from liquids with centrifugal forces. The contaminated liquid is cared centrally into the bowl through the rotor cover and thus falls onto the bottom of the solids insert inside the bowl.

By centrifugal forces the liquid is spinned off centre outwards and rises towards the top of the inner wall of the bowl. The cleaned liquid is removed into a tank. On their way to the top the heavy solids are forced to the periphery and settle on the wall of the bowl insert.

While the drum is standing still, the residual liquid is drained into a tank, so that the separated solids have a very low residual moisture.


Operation of the Candle Filters

Starting at the machine tool, the contaminated oil flows into the leakage container of the unit. An immersion pump for supplying the filter tower is located in the leakage tank. Inside the filter tower the liquids are filtered an lead to the clean liquid container. The system pump supplies the machine tool with the clean liquids. A cooling unit can be installed in the clean liquid tank to temper the mechanism. The backflushing of the filter tower can happen either time- or pressure-controlled. The oil inside of the filter tower is lead back to the leakage container with compressed air. After that, the filter candles are being cleaned by pushing compressed air through the filter candles in the opposite direction. The dirty particles are rinsed off the surface of the filter candles and are transported into the solids tank.